earmarking meaning in Hindi

earmarking sentence in Hindi
• चिह्न
• छाप
• निशान
• पृथग्-रक्षित
• लक्षण
• दाग़

• चिन्हित करना
• रक्षित करना
• कर्णांक
• दाग़ना
• अलग करना
• निर्धारित करना
• तय करना
• अलग रखना
• पृथग्-रक्षित करना
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  1. People have been earmarking that game since before the season started,
  2. The parties are barred from specifically earmarking soft money for candidates.
  3. University leaders whose institutions benefit from earmarking were muted in their criticism.
  4. Critics of academic earmarking say the practice distorts good science.
  5. -Earmarking federal revenues from oil and gas leases for environmental protection.
  6. The state agreed, earmarking an additional 978, 164.
  7. But sometimes, earmarking may be the only option, administrators say.
  8. Earmarking this golden lettered milestone, Deepika started various kinds of celebrations.
  9. Earmarking enables people to select buildings they are interested in.
  10. The Senate Commerce Committee approved the idea of earmarking the money for Amtrak.
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