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  1. This term can be induced by integrating over a massive charged Dirac field.
  2. The quantity Z _ 2 represents the new strength of the Dirac field.
  3. We have therefore correctly implemented Lorentz invariance for the Dirac field, and preserved causality.
  4. In a theory where the only field is the Dirac field, the Feynman propagator reads
  5. The entire Clifford algebra shows up in quantum field theory in the form of Dirac field bilinears.
  6. where the first part in the right hand side, containing the Dirac spinor \ psi, represents the Dirac field.
  7. The most prominent example of a fermionic field is the Dirac field, which describes fermions with neutrinoless double-beta decay experimentally would settle this question.
  8. These plane wave solutions form a basis for the Fourier components of \ psi ( x ), allowing for the general expansion of the Dirac field as follows,
  9. By using the spatial Fourier transform of the Dirac field as a new basis for the Grassmann algebra, the quadratic part of the Dirac action becomes simple to invert:
  10. Since linear combinations of these quantities are also Lorentz invariant, this leads naturally to the Lagrangian density for the Dirac field by the requirement that the Euler Lagrange equation of the system recover the Dirac equation.

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