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  1. In most dewetting studies a thin polymer film is spun onto a substrate.
  2. Issues of wetting and dewetting then arise.
  3. For most applications, dewetting is an unwanted process, because it destroys the applied thin film.
  4. GISAXS was introduced by Levine and Cohen to study the dewetting of gold deposited on a glass surface.
  5. These standards list indications of good and bad coverage and describe various failure mechanisms such as dewetting and orange peel.
  6. Spreading and dewetting are important processes for many applications, including adhesion, lubrication, painting, printing, and protective coating.
  7. Annealing such a metastable film above its glass transition temperature increases the mobility of the polymer-chain molecules and dewetting takes place.
  8. Dewetting can be inhibited or prevented by photocrosslinking the thin film prior to annealing, or by incorporating nanoparticle additives into the film.
  9. The droplet size and droplet spacing may vary over several orders of magnitude, since the dewetting starts from randomly formed holes in the film.
  10. "' Line tension "'( " T " ) corresponds to the resisting force along the edge of the tunnel that opposes membrane tension and limits dewetting.
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