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  1. For the dewaxing lubrication oil, evaporators are widely used with the following dimensions : internal diameter of the inner tube is 150-300 mm; the length is 600-1, 200 cm.
  2. The current production facilities of Bashneft  Novoil include primary oil refining, hydrotreatment, reforming and iso-reforming, sulphuric acid alkylation, thermocracking and visbreaking, coking and gas fractionation, solvent refining and dewaxing of oil distillates, tar deasphalting and bitumen production, gas desulphurization and sulphur production units as well as environmental facilities.
  3. He is mainly credited for his work on nano-catalytic dewaxing of heavy petroleum wastes, a method of manufacture of silver oxide nano particles, a nano-catalyst for fast track bio-diesel production from non-edible oils and Novel method of manufacture of silver oxide nano particles, holding patents for all these new methods . etc . Other than professional publications, he also wrote an A-Level Chemistry book for intermediate students in Pakistan.

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