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  1. The development issues and sequel of demonism traditions at world romanticism in H . Javid legacy were researched in the book.
  2. The angels of the isle are more likely to struggle with indigestion than with blatant demonism . ( " A tip, brothers.
  3. But many gods are worshipped; and sorcery and demonism prevail again as in ancient days . Oars and sails alone are used by mariners.
  4. Rev . Sears continued, " . . . humanity dies out of it [ the state ], and demonism becomes its life and soul ."
  5. Demetriade's other poems were rhetorical, the imagery and themes romantic and Baudelairean; their subjects included demonism, genius, spiritual ascension and melancholy ( " spleen " ).
  6. The poet's devotion to the creative ways of prominent figures was researched in the demonism context, especially the Turkish " Tenzimat literature " from philosophic-esthetic principles point of view.
  7. Rock critic Robert Christgau reported that the mood of the shows was friendly, with Jagger " undercut [ ting ] his fabled demonism by playing the clown, the village idiot, the marionette ."
  8. Lewis revealed in his science fiction trilogy, " The Space Trilogy ", especially in the final volume, " That Hideous Strength ", the connection between demonism and false science.
  9. He never ceased to denounce the " blasphemous absurdity of the five points of Calvin, " writing three years before his death to John Adams, " His [ Calvin's ] religion was demonism.
  10. He started to researches on doctoral thesis of the topic of " Huseyn Javid's creative work and demonism tradition in world literature " confirmed at The Scientific Council of Literature Institute named after Nizami, in 1982.


  1. a belief in and reverence for devils (especially Satan)

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