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  1. The African Penguin ( Spheniscus demersus ) is particularly susceptible to these events, and a single oil disaster has the ability to severely affect populations.
  2. The islands are also home to 43 % of the global population of the African penguin ( " Spheniscus demersus " ), the majority of which are on St Croix.
  3. Although set in the midst of a residential area, it is one of the few sites where this vulnerable bird ( " Spheniscus demersus " ) can be observed at close range, wandering freely in a protected natural environment.
  4. The silicone bands are designed to minimize the potential impact of carrying an external marking device and are currently in use on African penguins ( " Spheniscus demersus " ) at Bristol Zoo, UK and in the wild in South Africa.
  5. On the Otago Peninsula of New Zealand, two-male yellow-eyed penguins ( " Megadyptes antipodes " ) were reported incubating an egg in 2009 In captivity, African black-footed penguins ( " S . demersus " ) have all been documented to form male-male pairs.

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