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  1. Demersal habitats are near or on the bottom of the ocean.
  2. Demersal fish live on or near the bottom of the sea.
  3. Marine habitats can be broadly divided into pelagic and demersal habitats.
  4. Freshwater demersal fish, up to 5.5 cm length.
  5. Freshwater demersal fish, up to 12.0 cm long.
  6. Freshwater demersal fish, up to 11.0 cm long.
  7. Freshwater demersal fish, up to 14.2 cm long.
  8. It is a marine fish that lives in the demersal zone.
  9. This demersal species inhabits soft bottoms near the shores or estuaries.
  10. This demersal species growth up to ( typically 13 cm ).
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