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• डैम्बो
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  1. Dambo's death was a very traumatic moment for the newly founded emirate.
  2. The name dambo is most frequently used for wetlands on flat plateau which form the headwaters of streams and rivers.
  3. As much as Augustine gained respect, Yohannan Hormizd was opposed by the Rabban Hormizd, the monk Gabriel Dambo of Mardin.
  4. A good example of a dambo can be seen at ( 30 km south of Mansa, Zambia ) in a forest reserve.
  5. In 1808 he asserted himself by delivering the monastery of Rabban Hormizd to Gabriel Dambo in defiance of Yohannan Hormizd's wishes.
  6. The town chiefs that enjoyed this privilege included the Dambo of Ingawa, the BarebarinKatsina, SarkinSullubawa, Tambari of Illela and Tasar of Tazarawa.
  7. Elephants used to be seen on the dambo below the boma, but most of the population in the district have been killed by poachers.
  8. Although he sympathised with Gabriel Dambo's monastic order, his dependence on Yohannan Hormizd occasionally forced him to act against his better judgement.
  9. Unlike in the neighbouring areas which have been cleared for farming and charcoal-burning, the dambo contrasts well with the undisturbed Miombo woodland canopy.
  10. The feud between Gabriel Dambo and Yohannan Hormizd ended in 1832, when Alqosh was pillaged by K�r Muhammad, chief of the Soran Kurds of Rawanduz.
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