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  1. Worcester's definition of the contemporary curatorship is particularly daring.
  2. Held December 2009 under the curatorship of Prof . �alar Keyder.
  3. Opposition political parties backed the decision to place the bank under curatorship.
  4. President of the curatorship is German actress Maria Furtw�ngler.
  5. Under his curatorship, the museum collections were formed.
  6. Which is what brings us back to Miller's recent foray into curatorship.
  7. Endowed curatorships were started in ancient Asian, Islamic and modern art and photography.
  8. The dignity attached to such a curatorship is attested by a passage of Cicero.
  9. Kuzma's credits include co-curatorship of Manifesta 5 ( 2004 ).
  10. The collection is also exhibited in itinerant curatorships, enabling the diffusion of the pieces.
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  1. the position of curator

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