curatives meaning in Hindi

curatives sentence in Hindi
• औषधी
• आरोग्यकारी
• उपचारात्मक
• नीरोगकारी
• आरोग्यकर पदार्थ
• आरोग्यकर
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  1. Afterward, researchers strived to discover the curative factor in liver.
  2. In the telling of the story, there is something curative.
  3. Curative magnets also are based on a theory that sounds good.
  4. The unregulated trade in immigrant communities is not limited to curatives.
  5. Eventually, curative treatment may be required to prevent recurrent hemorrhage.
  6. Hospice is a type of care involving palliation without curative intent.
  7. It is known for its curative mineral water, crystal glass.
  8. These curative treatments attempt to destroy or remove the damaged epithelium.
  9. State health services include preventative, curative and rehabilitative health services.
  10. When treatment is not curative, capturing these effects becomes especially important,
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