countenancing meaning in Hindi

countenancing sentence in Hindi
• बदन
• मुख
• मुखाकृति
• मुखड़ा
• रूप
• समर्थन
• हाव-भाव
• मुख मुद्रा
• अनुग्रह
• चेहरे की अभिव्यक्ति
• अभिव्यक्ति
• चेष्टा
• चेहरा
• संभालना
• अनुग्रह करना
• उपकार करना
• दिलासा देना
• प्रतिपालन करना
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  1. He smiled, and a strange light shone on his countenance.
  2. Justice Antonin Scalia replied that the law had never countenanced suicide.
  3. He knows his cultishly loyal base wouldn't countenance pandering.
  4. His countenance expressed relief, and he began to thank God.
  5. I would be astonished if the Sisters of Mercy countenanced intimidation,
  6. And he still has an overstuffed agenda and a cheerful countenance.
  7. Nor is Camilla's countenance free of wear and tear.
  8. The paternalistic old guard wouldn't countenance many such attacks.
  9. An orator of irenic countenance cannot summon a people to greatness.
  10. To countenance withdrawal from the EU would be to court disaster.
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