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निर्मित वैधता
construct:    कन्स्ट्रक्ट
validity:    पुष्टता मान्यता
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  1. Independent validation studies indicate that the measure demonstrates excellent construct validity.
  2. Construct validity is essential to the perceived overall validity of the test.
  3. Most researchers attempt to test the construct validity before the main research.
  4. A third study was conducted to examine the construct validity.
  5. The usefulness of one conceptualization over another depends largely on construct validity.
  6. A third important form of validity is construct validity.
  7. Types of validity include content validity, predictive validity, and construct validity.
  8. They examine six items that measure the quality of a test s construct validity:
  9. Construct validity of an aspect of the coping process : Potential adaptation to stress.
  10. Convergent validity, along with discriminant validity, is a subtype of construct validity.
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