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  1. ( 3 ) to make trig - cluster constringed by acquiring other orthogonal base . the third problem brought on the birth of wavelet that has gone through about a hundred years
  2. Because this algorithm uses the movement information of before frame , it can be implemented by parallel algorithm to improve efficiency . experimental results show the algorithm constringed fast
  3. It is shown in the case that super matrix is easy to constringe the selection sequence assisted by the software , which is efficient and convenient for manager to evaluate and choose the project
  4. The cause is that depending strength of government only to hit lawless proprietor and safeguard consumer ' s leigitimate rights and interests is limited , because the proprietor can constringe the action of self due to the government strike it strongly in the short - term , but government can not be persisted over a long period of time because of the restriction of resources such as funds etc . in another aspect , if encouraging consumer to safeguard the leigitimate rights and interests of self , the probability that proprietor ' s tort occurs could reduce generally , moreover it is lasting


  1. become tight or as if tight; "Her throat constricted"

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