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• आचरण
• चाल
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  1. But McConnell's comportment is not so clear-cut.
  2. The edge in off-ice comportment clearly goes to Pronger.
  3. Whatever it was, comportment was a casualty of the moment.
  4. They must be on their best behavior _ from comportment to defense.
  5. Visitacion's teachings went beyond physical movements involving comportment and behavior.
  6. We hold league and club representatives to the highest standard of comportment,
  7. Alternatively, Americans may decide that Clinton's personal comportment is forgivable.
  8. -- Pete Carroll simply has to do something about his sideline comportment.
  9. The Revolution seemed most displeased with the Phantoms'comportment after the injury.
  10. Such comportment is given full rein in the Fans'Bill of Rights.
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  1. dignified manner or conduct
    synonyms:bearing, presence, mien

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