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  1. It is a perfect ship's companionway, all mahogany and all varnished.
  2. The companionway is blocked by flames, so he cuts through the deck planking.
  3. Accommodation below is basic with settee galley is incorporated just forward of the companionway.
  4. In some cases, the bathroom is down the companionway and must be shared by other passengers.
  5. Eventually all boats were delivered with wheel steering and the main sheet located over the companionway hatch.
  6. One with the galley under the companionway and one with it on starboard side of the cabin.
  7. CSY's unique script logo was imprinted on a brass companionway medallion, dishware, and trailerboard design.
  8. Towards the stern is a rectangular pilothouse and a low cabin with a companionway which has a protruding stack.
  9. With a permanent icebox located beneath the cockpit at the companionway, and a shaped centreboard case on the Mark 1.
  10. Travel Trivia : If you are on a companionway aboard ship, where are you ? ( Answer at end of column .)
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  1. a stairway or ladder that leads from one deck to another on a ship

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