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  1. I was very lucky that we had such a companionable marriage.
  2. The room fell silent, in a soothing, companionable way.
  3. In the locker room, the Cardinals sat in companionable silence.
  4. Smiling, the couple rode the museum elevator in companionable silence.
  5. He came from the islands and was pleasant and companionable ".
  6. The history of these eloquent and companionable images is still being written.
  7. In two or three years, this will become companionable,
  8. Hall's show is mildly companionable, at least.
  9. Seventeen of us ate a companionable meal on the porch.
  10. The sound of creaking rockers is as companionable as a ticking clock.
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  1. suggestive of companionship; "a companionable pet"

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