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  1. Trituration, for instance, is comminution ( or substance breakdown ) by rubbing.
  2. The more complicated the fracture ( infection, comminution, displacement ) the higher the risk of fracture.
  3. Closed treatment is frequently unsuccessful in maintaining a good position in adults, because there is frequently comminution of the fracture.
  4. Within industrial uses, the purpose of comminution is to reduce the size and to increase the surface area of solids.
  5. Femoral shaft fractures can be classified with the Winquist and Hansen classification, which is based on the amount of comminution:
  6. Nothing came of the invention, as continuously-operating crushing machines that achieved more reliable comminution were already coming into use.
  7. "' Cataclasite "'is a type of cataclastic rock that is formed by fracturing and comminution during matrix.
  8. In the majority of all mining processes, particles of sub-economic grade enter the traditional comminution, classification and concentration steps.
  9. "' Comminution dating "'is a developing radiometric dating technique based on the disequilibrium between uranium isotopes in fine-grained sediments.
  10. Because of this comminution, tailings consist of a slurry of fine particles, ranging from the size of a grain of sand to a few micrometres.
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