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  1. Trauma to the elbow often results in comminuted fractures of the olecranon.
  2. The rotor is equipped with special cutting plates which comminute the sample material.
  3. The deeper a projectile burrows into a ceramic plate, the more it will deform from grinding against the comminuted plate material.
  4. Depressed fractures are usually comminuted, with broken portions of bone displaced inward and may require surgical intervention to repair underlying tissue damage.
  5. The most of the surface soil is so intermingled with comminuted quartz, or siliceous sand, that cranberries grow in the grass fields.
  6. Soy protein can also be used as a low cost / high nutrition extender in comminuted meat and poultry products, and in tuna salads.
  7. Vein gold needed crushing, and they probably used crushing or stamp mills worked by water-wheels to comminute the hard ore before washing.
  8. Marlins team doctor Dan Kanell termed it a " serious " trauma that was, in technical terms, a " comminuted " injury.
  9. The grinding technology of the time consisted only of flat millstones, and it was more economic to comminute the limestone by burning and slaking than by grinding.
  10. The "'Rolando fracture "'is a comminuted intra-articular fracture through the base of the first metacarpal bone ( the first bone forming the thumb ).
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