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  1. This is India coming up, with the first data from India.
    ये भारत उभर रहा है, पहले आँकडॆ आये हैं भारत से।
  2. And we will soon see China coming up in the very far end corner here.
    और अभी दिखेगा चीन बिलकुल सुदूर कोने में।
  3. D ' you want the … in the street to come up here ?
    क्या तू गली में खड़े उन … को यहाँ बुलाना चाहता है ?
  4. All the problems and obstacle would come up
    वे सारी कठिनाई और वे सारी परेशानी ‎सामने आजाऐंगी।
  5. ask the right questions, and come up with workable solutions.
    सही सवाल पूछने की, और उचित समाधान ढूड़ने की
  6. Thank you very much, Chris. Everybody who came up here
    बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद क्रिस । हर कोई जो यहाँ आया
  7. But when matters like marriage came up , they would discriminate .
    किंतु शादी-ब्याह में वे भेद करते ही थे .
  8. who believe that mythologically they came up the milk river
    कि पौराणिक कथा के अनुसार वे पूर्व दिशा से
  9. And they just kind of come up, kind of like this.
    और वो खुद ही दिमाग मे आ जाती है,कु्छ इस तरह से
  10. So we've come up with a few new things. We've got bed nets.
    तो हम कुछ नई चीज़ें लेकर आए। मच्छरदानी।
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  1. result or issue; "A slight unpleasantness arose from this discussion"
  2. gather or bring together; "muster the courage to do something"; "she rallied her intellect"; "Summon all your courage"
    synonyms:, , ,
  3. gather (money or other resources) together over time; "She had scraped together enough money for college"; "they scratched a meager living"
    synonyms:, ,
  4. start running, functioning, or operating; "the lights went on"; "the computer came up"
  5. bring forth, usually something desirable; "The committee came up with some interesting recommendations"
  6. move toward, travel toward something or somebody or approach something or somebody; "He came singing down the road"; "Come with me to the Casbah"; "come down here!"; "come out of the closet!"; "come into the room"
  7. move upward; "The fog lifted"; "The smoke arose from the forest fire"; "The mist uprose from the meadows"
    synonyms:, , , , ,
  8. come up, of celestial bodies; "The sun also rises"; "The sun uprising sees the dusk night fled..."; "Jupiter ascends"
    synonyms:, ,
  9. come to the surface
    synonyms:, ,
  10. get something or somebody for a specific purpose; "I found this gadget that will serve as a bottle opener"; "I got hold of these tools to fix our plumbing"; "The chairman got hold of a secretary on Friday night to type the urgent letter"
    synonyms:, ,
  11. originate or come into being; "a question arose"
  12. be mentioned; "These names came up in the discussion"

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