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  1. The combustion residue, smelt exits through smelt spouts-9 to the dissolving tank-10.
  2. In 1974, at the location of the field �erkezi, not far from Ulpiana, a large mound was discovered that combustion residue contained a princess.
  3. Fouling of the mechanism by black powder combustion residues and thus difficulties in closing the breech were reported as a problem after prolonged firings.
  4. Big Sandy Plant's Fly Ash surface impoundment is on the EPA's official June 2009 list of Coal Combustion Residue ( CCR ) Surface Impoundments with High Hazard Potential Ratings.
  5. The National Academy of Sciences noted in 2007 that " the presence of high contaminant levels in many CCR ( coal combustion residue ) leachates may create human health and ecological concerns ".
  6. Without bore evacuators, hot gases and other combustion residue leaks into the tank's interior, depleting oxygen levels and filling it with a foul odour that can easily induce nausea and distract the crewmen from their tasks.
  7. Saccocio said oil has four main functions in a lawn mower engine : it lubricates, seals the combustion chamber to increase efficiency, cools the engine and carries away carbon and other combustion residue that can gum up the works.
  8. This power plant is designated as having Coal Combustion Residue Surface Impoundments with a High Hazard Potential by the EPA . In 2012 a Duke University study found high levels of arsenic and other toxins in North Carolina lakes and rivers downstream from the Asheville power plants coal ash ponds.

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