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  1. The colour tone is lighter than the pine marten's.
  2. Some scenes in the black and white 35mm film were colour toned.
  3. The effectiveness of a pattern depends on contrast as well as colour tones.
  4. The European Commission also specified a euro logo with exact proportions and foreground and background colour tones.
  5. Grey colour tones are employed along with ceramic tiles arranged in a brickwork pattern on the walls.
  6. All specimens are entirely orange, but varying considerably in size and somewhat in apparent wing shape and colour tone.
  7. The scanner's 30-bit colour mode ensures that fine details and colour tones are reproduced with digital perfection.
  8. The camera has a few different capture, colour tone, scene and white balance modes and has a horizontal orientation.
  9. It's makeup that looks so natural with pastel colour tones and other soft hues that closely resemble one's complexion.
  10. While in Best Mode, the HP DeskJet 1120C printouts look more realistic and the colour tone was darker than in the HP DeskJet 720C.

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