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  1. More sophisticated colorimetry tools can be used where such meters are lacking.
  2. Pictures from the camera had disappointing colorimetry, but sharp luminance detail.
  3. He modernized the company, developing technology in the field of colorimetry.
  4. Metameric matches made between two light sources provide the trichromatic basis of colorimetry.
  5. Other uses include applications in colorimetry, crystallography, luminescence and spectrophotometric analysis.
  6. CRI is based upon this system of colorimetry.
  7. He demonstrated that to be the case, inventing color matching experiments and Colorimetry.
  8. It produced sharp pictures, as expected, but there were problems with colorimetry.
  9. He developed new procedures based on colorimetry and flame-photometry which speeded up the rock analyses.
  10. From there it developed as an independent artistic tradition with only superficial reference to colorimetry and vision science.


  1. quantitative chemical analysis by color using a colorimeter

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