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चिप्स की दुकान
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  1. Is it possible that Batty and Chippie are a bit vain?
  2. No, it was Tom who had a chippie on the side.
  3. From 57 to 59 he was a chippie at Reas.
  4. The Chippie Polar Cup is an international friendly tournament hosted in Curacao.
  5. I think that Chippie could live without me, but Batty couldn't.
  6. He instead spun right, settling for and missing an 8-foot chippie.
  7. His brother, Chippie, headed the defense department's arms procurement program.
  8. Batty and Chippie lounged nearby on couches covered in a practical fabric of Weimaraner gray.
  9. Singers like Bertha " Chippie " Hill.
  10. Chippie, however, is recognized by a man who bears a grudge against Granger.
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