chasten meaning in Hindi

chasten sentence in Hindi
• दण्ड देना
• विनय करना
• वश में करना
• दंड दे कर ठीक करना
• निग्रह करना
• पवित्र बनाना
• अनुशासित करना
• परिष्कृत करना
• संयत करना
• दंड देना
• सज़ा देना
• शुद्ध करना
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  1. First, we don't run checkusers to chasten people.
  2. After that, UNIVERSES invited Gamal Abdel Chasten to join the company.
  3. He chastens and hastens his will to make known;
  4. Iridescent feminine shirts chasten see-through organza dresses.
  5. Israeli officials said they hoped the images of Saddam's capture would chasten Palestinian radicals.
  6. This experience chastens some of the Szintarrese reformers, but the others persist in their campaign.
  7. An exquisitely pure and severe rhythm of line and contour chastens the sensuous richness of the painting.
  8. Aslan and Caspian come with them to chasten the bullies and give Experiment House the upheaval it needs.
  9. "chastise " adds coercion or severity to the moral instruction in " chasten ."
  10. Both chastise and chasten are rooted in the Latin castus, " pure, " as is castigate.
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  1. correct by punishment or discipline
  2. restrain
  3. censure severely; "She chastised him for his insensitive remarks"
    synonyms:, , ,

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