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• गाडी ढुलाई
• गाडी भाडा
• गाडी भाडा ढुलाई
• गाडी-भाडा
• ढुलाई
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  1. At the same time functioned cartage winter road along the river.
  2. He is self employed and owns Schick Construction & Cartage Ltd.
  3. They aimed to reuse older trailers in the storage and cartage market.
  4. Eastern Shore Cartage serves Sheet Harbour and its surroundings.
  5. The cartage of animals on the tramway was made illegal in December 1915.
  6. Williams suggests that this was to protect existing road cartage business across London.
  7. He retired from Abel's Cartage in 1971.
  8. The cartage was expensive; permanently staffed with a stud of horses and vehicles.
  9. It arranged road cartage to and from Montrose.
  10. Off she went to see Art Griffin, vice president of Belger Cartage Service Inc.
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  1. the work of taking something away in a cart or truck and disposing of it

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