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  1. At the height of around 1100 m there is a large plateau, with several caves and other carst formations.
  2. Germany's three-man team of Eric Walther, Sebastian Deitz and Carst Niederberger edged Lithuania for the golf medal.
  3. There is a third airport-to-airport mutual aid program, the Colorado Aviation Recovery Support Team ( CARST ).
  4. CARST grew out of experiences with the Avjet crash at Aspen-Pitken County Airport ( ASE / KASE ) in 2001.
  5. The final recorded match held on the ground came in 1894 when the South Saxons played the Gentlemen of the Netherlands, a Netherlands side which contained the famous Carst Posthuma.
  6. Tours by English sides continued for the rest of the 1890s, which also saw the emergence of Carst Posthuma, who was later the first Dutch player to play first class cricket.
  7. "' Carst Posthuma "'( 11 January 1868 in Haarlem  21 December 1939, near Haarlem ) was a Dutch cricket player of the late 19th / early 20th century.
  8. Established by the Colorado Airport Operators Association ( CAOA ), CARST provides specialized, highly experienced airport and aviation professions to help an airport or community deal with issues involved in recovering from a crash.
  9. "' Karasburg "'(, old name, literally " carst spring " ) is a town of 4, 000 inhabitants in the ?Karas Region of southern Namibia and the district capital of the Karasburg electoral constituency.
  10. A mountain ridge on the Iturup Island ( Kruber Ridge ), a carst cavity in the Karabi-Yayla Plateau ( 0 @ 018-O9; 0 ), Crimea, and a karst cave in Caucasus ( Krubera-Voronya Cave ) are named after him.
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