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• कार्स भूमि
carse:    कार्स
land:    भू देश भूमि पृथ्वी
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  1. Imposing views of the church towering above the carse lands are to be had when travelling north on this motorway.
  2. This part of the Bannock Burn, in the low-lying Carse land, is the region where the Battle of Bannockburn is now believed to have happened.
  3. Occupying an elevated position overlooking the carse lands, Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument can be clearly seen from the church grounds and is located about a mile from Bridge of Allan and from Dunblane.
  4. The flat carse lands by Bladnoch River were home to a Royal Air Force field of World War II . Lane Burn seems to have been diverted for the Baldoon Airfield, based on comparison of the 1895 and current OS maps.
  5. The nearest colliery, Manor Powis, approximately 2 km south of the fault, was approximately the same depth, in carse land that is scarcely above sea level, and was mining coal from Carboniferous strata at least many hundreds of metres above the top of the Devonian deposits.
  6. Because the deposits thin towards the north, and there are few signs of volcanic necks within the Ochil Hills themselves, it is thought that the eruptive centres were south of the fault, however these are buried deep beneath the Carboniferous rocks including coal measures which are found beneath the low-lying carse lands to the south.
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