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  1. The canthus rostralis and the supraciliary edge both are sharp.
  2. The canthus is also distinct and the snout is broad.
  3. Amphithemis was known as the consort of the Libyan Canthus.
  4. Head distinct from neck, with distinct " canthus rostralis ".
  5. Characteristics include partial to complete division of the eyes by a canthus, geniculate coxae.
  6. The canthus rostralis is slightly swollen.
  7. A yellowish dorsolateral streak beginning on the " canthus rostralis " strongly marked in the young.
  8. On the head, the canthus and supralabials are a lighter than the overall ground color while the dorsum is darker.
  9. The bridge of their nose is wide and flat, creating telecanthus ( increased distance between medial canthus of both eyes ).
  10. This is especially important for cases where the larva is located at inaccessible places like inside the inner canthus of the eye.
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  1. either of the corners of the eye where the upper and lower eyelids meet

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