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  1. He attended Cable House, a private preparatory school in Woking, Surrey, then Charterhouse School from 1963.
  2. On August 5, she arrived at Valentia Island, and the shore end was landed at Knightstown and then laid to the nearby cable house.
  3. The cable came ashore into a timber building, continuing through a cedar-topped cable, a stone-cemented passage and underground to the cable house.
  4. QBP also became the exclusive U . S . distributor for Jagwire, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of bicycle brake and derailleur components including pads, cables and cable housing.
  5. In the latter case, the cable car may not be able to stop and can wreak havoc along its route until the cable house realizes the mishap and halts the cable.
  6. It had to be closed down for several days in the winter of 1888 because a replacement for a broken cable could not be delivered to the cable house through the muddy streets.
  7. 8 . "'The Becky Cable House "', constructed in 1879 . This building, adjacent to the Cable Mill, was initially used by Leason Gregg as a general store.
  8. Usually provision is made for adjusting the cable tension using an inline hollow bolt ( often called a " barrel adjuster " ), which lengthens or shortens the cable housing relative to a fixed anchor point.
  9. Chadwick was one of fifty-two men to receive the Medal of Honor for an operation involving locating and cutting oceanic cables to block communication from a cable house off the shore of Cientuegos, Cuba.
  10. The Cable House is currently occupied by the offices of Richard H . Driehaus Museum is located across the intersection in the historic Edward J . Burling-designed Samuel M . Nickerson House at 40 E . Erie St.

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