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यूनानी देव समूह विशेष
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  1. Periodically, sometimes three times a night, Cabiri said, guards tortured him.
  2. When asked who ordered the guards to do these things, Cabiri did not hesitate.
  3. And Cabiri said the guards administered electric shocks to his body, usually to his genitals.
  4. "We're appealing the case, " said Scott Kamber, Cabiri's attorney.
  5. On that day, said Cabiri, while he was in Ghana, officers of a new government arrested him without charge.
  6. The Cabiri's early work consisted primarily of street theater and performance art including fire dancing, stilt walking, and juggling.
  7. The groups held social dances in addition to ceremonials and stated meetings and were also known to organize the Cabiri Band which held public performances.
  8. Cabiri said his life in New York as Ghana's Trade Counsel to the United States came to a crashing halt on July 31, 1986.
  9. Cabiri's $ 5 million lawsuit, filed in 1994, was one of the few that went to trial under the Alien Tort Claims Act.
  10. "' Teodoro Cabiri "' A hunchbacked, Filipino magician and entertainer .  Ted for Short always has a trick up his sleeve.
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