bunglers meaning in Hindi

bunglers sentence in Hindi
• अनाड़ी
• गड़बड़िया
• घपलेबाज
• फ़ूहड़
• फूहड़
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  1. In fact, April Glaspie is anything but a bungler.
  2. The department and other law enforcement officials were revealed as clumsy bunglers.
  3. For the most part they are thought of as bunglers.
  4. William H . Macy's bungler in " Fargo,"
  5. Carol Blazejowksi and Richie Adubato : Geniuses or bunglers?
  6. Untested works by known playwrights _ like " The Bungler,"
  7. I feel lucky that they were such bunglers.
  8. Susan Solomon takes serious issue with Scott's reputation as an inexperienced bungler.
  9. Everybody's a bungler, an amateur.
  10. Are we a nation of failures, incapable of progress, governed by bunglers?
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