bungled meaning in Hindi

bungled sentence in Hindi
• गोलमाल
• गड़बड़
• घपला
• विफल
• गड़बड़ करना
• गड़बड़ कर देना
• घपला करना
• अनाड़ी सा काम करना
• फूहड़पने से करना
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  1. The bungled opportunity seemed symptomatic of the Rangers's season.
  2. This day, however, was not the standard Seahawk bungle.
  3. In short, they said, the police bungled the case.
  4. Every false start, every discarded arrangement, every bungled vocal.
  5. That followed his bungled attempt to suborn House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
  6. From the start, Clinton bungled his role as 1960s icon.
  7. He also bungled a grounder by Tim Bogar in the eighth.
  8. It bungled that business this time by not supporting the Spaniards.
  9. The commedia players are a bungling, good-hearted lot.
  10. The game remained deadlocked after a bungled extra-point attempt.
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  1. spoiled through incompetence or clumsiness; "a bungled job"

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