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  1. Another indication of infection is bunchy growth caused by shortened internodes.
  2. :Bunchy's real name is Violet Rosemary May.
  3. The resulting disease is sometimes called " tomato bunchy top disease ."
  4. This is where they meet Bunchy also buying material for a new dress.
  5. Terry tells Ray that their brother, Bunchy, has suffered a relapse.
  6. BBTV induces banana bunchy top disease ( BBTD ).
  7. Wendy Whelan, their leader, looks less glamorous than usual in her bunchy whites.
  8. There are currently three species in this genus including the type species Banana bunchy top virus.
  9. Control of banana bunchy top is achieved by killing the banana aphids then destroying all infected material.
  10. In 2003, " Abaca bunchy top virus " threatened the abaca industry in the province.
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  1. occurring close together in bunches or clusters

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