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  1. Rick Buckler announced his departure from the band in late 2009.
  2. Buckler's were unusual in that they featured spaceframe construction.
  3. The Ben Buckler gun has been recovered and is awaiting restoration.
  4. He lived and worked at Bucklers Hard between 1744 and 1805.
  5. Charles Alban Buckler was again asked to design the replacement church.
  6. In 1862, J . C . Buckler lengthened the nave.
  7. Christ Hospital spokeswoman Dona Buckler did not release a cause of death.
  8. The buckler was more widely used than is commonly known.
  9. Both buildings were designed by the architecture firm of Buckler and Fenhagen.
  10. Large parts of the moors are covered with rigid buckler-fern.
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  1. armor carried on the arm to intercept blows

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