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• बंदगोभी
• ब्रूसेल स्प्राउट
sprout:    कोंपल स्प्राउट
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  1. Ann Swan's " Brussel Sprouts " makes the plant look positively elegant.
  2. I'm pulling out brussel sprouts and the makings for a cheesy tofu casserole.
  3. Ever wonder what brussel sprouts look like before they are harvested?
  4. There's more to the food than waffles and brussel sprouts.
  5. They are found in broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower.
  6. This week : Brussel Sprouts . ( Langhenry, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  7. The thought of eating brussel sprouts makes you twitch?
  8. It seems to be gin infused with brussel sprouts and was not to Zane's taste.
  9. Brussel Sprouts, and Broccoli which are all essentially descend from the same wild " proto-cabbage ".
  10. Add brussel sprouts to hot butter.
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