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  1. Several places or buildings in northern Italy are called " Broletto ".
  2. The Broletto in Como is faced with polychrome marble.
  3. The main facade on Piazza Broletto has a tall clocktower with an awkwardly place coat of arms.
  4. It opened on 17 May 1947 in the auditorium of the Broletto cinema with Maxim Gorky's " The Lower Depths ".
  5. The piazza was named after the arengario ( also known as the " broletto " ), i . e ., the seat of the local government.
  6. It was built in 13th century and originally served as a broletto ( i . e ., an administrative building ) as well as a judicial seat.
  7. Cosma e Damiano ), but this church was demolished in May 1302 by Bishop Berard in order to build the Palazzo Broletto on the Piazza del Duomo.
  8. Unfortunately, other frescos by Lattanzio Gambara which decorated the loggia were destroyed in the bombing of the Broletto and Piazza Paolo VI on 13 July, 1944.
  9. The Palazzo in Milan, also known as the Broletto Nuovo, (  New Court House ) is a red brick structure with stone piers and rendered upper floor.
  10. As it was the second broletto to be built in Milan, it is also known as the "'Broletto Nuovo "'( " new broletto " ).

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