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[ 'brəukə ] sound:
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  1. so she sold four-year-old Pranitha to a broker.
    अतः उसने चार साल की प्रणिता को एक दलाल को बेच दिया.
  2. Both my nine- and seven-year-old have a stock broker already.
    जी हाँ, मेरे दोनो बच्चों के पास अपने स्टॉक-ब्रोकर भी हैं ।
  3. Credit brokers ' fees
    क्रेडिट ब्रोकर ( कर्ज़ा दिलाने वाले ) की फीस
  4. Plug-in Broker: %{PLUGINNAME}
    प्लग-इन ब्रोकर: %{PLUGINNAME}
  5. They walk up with me. Every year all the money in the bank goes to their broker.
    वो मेरे साथ चल कर जाते हैं । हर साल जितना पैसा इकट्ठा होता है, वो उनके ब्रोकर के पास जाताहै ।
  6. If you use a broker to get a loan, including a mortgage or a loan secured on your home, you will probably be charged a fee for the service.
    सुनिश्चित कीजिए कि वापस लिए जाने तक आप उनको अच्छी हालत में रखते हैं ।
  7. More than the analysts or the media or even the brokers , it is the regulator that investors are most disappointed with .
    निवेशक विश्लेषकों या मीड़िया और यहां तक कि दललं से भी कहीं ज्यादा नियामकों से रुष्ट हैं .
  8. Similarly, other fees, such as a survey fee or insurance premium paid to the credit broker in connection with a loan that you do not eventually take up, are also refundable to you for credit agreements up to £25,000.
    बाध्य हो जाने से पहले , सुनिश्चित कीजिए कि आप पता कर लें कि इसकी रकम कितनी होगी ।
  9. That allows brokers to start trading in those shares without the knowledge of the investor who owns them .
    इसके चलते दललं को ऐसे शेयरों की खरीद-बिक्री करने का भी मौका मिल जाता है , जिनके मालिक को इस कारोबार की जानकारी ही नहीं होती .
  10. In an agreement brokered over the weekend by U.S. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, Palestinian terrorist groups agreed to a temporary cease-fire on condition that Israel ceases its practice of “targeted killings” (executing would-be terrorists before they have a chance to organize or act). But Israelis reserve the right to use this tactic to protect themselves.
    इजरायल से अमेरिका - जैसा कहते हैं वैसा करो
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  1. a businessman who buys or sells for another in exchange for a commission
  1. act as a broker

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