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• ब्रिरक्स मापनी
• ब्रिरक्स-मापक्रम
scale:    पलड़ा पपड़ी कोंपल
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  1. It is one of the sweetest fruits, registering as high as 24 on the Brix scale that measures sugar content.
  2. In the 1850s German engineer-mathematician Adolf Ferdinand Wenceslaus Brix ( 1798-1870 ) corrected some of the calculation errors in the Balling scale and introduced the Brix scale.
  3. The closest thing I found is the Brix scale, but that doesn't seem to directly measure sweetness .-- talk ) 02 : 11, 21 March 2009 ( UTC)
  4. For historical reasons, the brewing industry largely uses the Plato scale ( �P ), which is essentially the same as the Brix scale used by the wine industry.
  5. A hand-held refractometer is the industrial standard used to determine the mix ratio of water-soluble coolants that estimates oil concentration from the sample refractive index measured in the Brix scale.
  6. The Baum?scale is occasionally used in France and by U . S . brewers, and in the New World the Brix scale is used to describe the readings of a refractometer when measuring the sugar content of a given sample.
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