bring to a head meaning in Hindi

bring to a head sentence in Hindi
निर्णायक स्थिति में पहुँचाना
bring:    पहुँचाना लगाना ला
bring to:    होश में लाना रोकना
to:    बन्द अवस्था में
a:    एक कोई अ अंग्रेजी
a head:    प्रति व्यक्ति
head:    भक्त समझ अन्तरीप
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  1. The disputed contracts bring to a head Noe's attempt to break free of the investment fund's financial oversight.
  2. All I was trying to do was bring to a head, ` If you don't want me here, get rid of me.
  3. A DPP government could bring to a head the issue of Taiwan's precarious relationship with prickly neighbor China, as the party has advocated formal independence from the mainland.
  4. The fallout from an attack on Iraq could bring to a head the longstanding power struggle in Iran between conservatives in the clerical leadership and reformers grouped around President Mohammad Khatami.
  5. Bangkok newspapers said the resignations would bring to a head a struggle for power between Chavalit and Chatichai Choonhavan, boss of the second-largest party in the coalition government, and possibly topple the prime minister.
  6. The return of Lindsey, another longtime friend and confidant of the president, could bring to a head the negotiations between the White House and Starr's staff about limiting testimony by the president's top aides.
  7. And one of the potential cases could bring to a head a long-simmering question that is at once a legal issue and, for many past and present flower children, a matter of the heart : Who owns Woodstock?
  8. How Fuji came to be sitting on this ton of money, and indeed the purpose of it, is at the core of the next momentous trade dispute with Japan that the Clinton administration will shortly bring to a head.
  9. Like others, Iglesias believes the drought and climatic changes will eventually bring to a head the question of how much land in Europe should be cultivated, an issue that would almost certainly involve serious restructuring of the continent's agriculture sector.
  10. The announcement is likely to bring to a head a critical debate within Germany over just how badly the economy and exports will be hurt by the strong mark and what Germany can do about its wage levels and cost of production, which are the highest in Europe.
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