bring the house down meaning in Hindi

bring the house down sentence in Hindi
वहवाही पाना
bring:    पहुँचाना लगाना ला
the:    वही यह वह वही वह
house:    परिवार प्रतिष्ठान
down:    निगलकर शरीर के
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  1. The track wasn't reused for Slade's next album We'll Bring The House Down.
  2. "He's going to bring the house down every night ."
  3. As Judas, Carl Anderson sleepwalks through songs that ought to bring the house down.
  4. What follows is an ingenious plot twist that will probably bring the house down.
  5. For the best album sleeve, We ll Bring the House Down placed at # 2.
  6. Bring the house down when I hit the floor,
  7. The track eventually featured on the remastered edition of " We'll Bring the House Down ".
  8. Although not as successful as " We'll Bring the House Down ", this album sold well.
  9. And it attempts to bring the house down more than once using the old jive transfusion.
  10. I think what would bring the house down,
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