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  1. The original motivations behind the creation of bog butter are unclear.
  2. Until 2003 scientists and archaeologists were not quite sure of the origin of bog butter.
  3. In Scotland, the practice of burying bog butter dates back to at least the 2nd or 3rd century.
  4. Bog butter was allowed to ferment and was buried in bogs to provide a stable temperature during the aging process.
  5. Bogs are known to preserve bog bodies and bog butter but no human bodies are known to accompany the weapon sacrifices.
  6. Bog butter is found buried inside some sort of wooden container, such as buckets, kegs, barrels, dishes and butter churns.
  7. Likely an old method of making and preserving butter, some tested lumps of bog butter were made of dairy products while others were meat-based.
  8. ""'Bog butter "'" refers to an ancient waxy substance found buried in peat bogs, particularly in Great Britain and in Ireland.
  9. Such " bog butter " would develop a strong flavor as it aged, but remain edible, in large part because of the unique cool, airless, antiseptic and acidic environment of a peat bog.
  10. The section also contains Ralaghan Man, a carved wooden figure believed to be a boundary marker and examples of bog butter, which is ancient butter preserved in the bog in containers such as wooden buckets.

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