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  1. However, the water content is higher than in boehmite.
  2. Boehmite occurs in tropical laterites and bauxites developed on alumino-silicate bedrock.
  3. The higher water content compared to boehmite can be explained by a smaller crystallite size.
  4. It consists of finely crystalline boehmite.
  5. The majority of the village population are employed in the boehmite, bitumen, woodworking, and agricultural machinery industries.
  6. Current research is investigating the use of this waste to manufacture glass, glass-ceramic, boehmite and calcium aluminate.
  7. While boehmite consists of relatively long AlOOH chains that have terminal H 2 O groups, the chains in pseudoboehmite are significantly shorter.
  8. The structure of lepidocrocite is similar to the boehmite structure found in bauxite and consists of layered iron ( III ) oxide octahedra bonded by hydrogen bonding via hydroxide layers.
  9. Perhaps the most important is the basic hydroxide AlO ( OH ), a polymeric material known by the names of the mineral forms boehmite or diaspore, depending on crystal structure.
  10. Laterites are a source of aluminium ore; the ore exists largely in clay minerals and the hydroxides, gibbsite, boehmite, and diaspore, which resembles the composition of bauxite.

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