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  1. It was the first bodyless murder trial in the state's history.
  2. He was killed gruesomely in Jogbudha forest and the Thakuri feudals hung his bodyless head in a market of Dadeldhura.
  3. It states that there is a continuous evolution from lower life-forms ( bacteria ) to higher life-forms like intelligent life and finally bodyless entities.
  4. If Welch is brought to trial without them in evidence, it would be the longest time to have elapsed between a murder and a trial in a bodyless murder conviction.
  5. According to Nefer, he met a bodyless Teagan in 1986; she " told him how to build her . " Nefer claims that they were married in California on October 31, 1986.
  6. Its only master is a Voice, a bodyless yet powerful spirit, who is living a boring life : he can summon himself any good he wants, but the only thing he longs for is human company.
  7. The sense of bodied being-hood ( sasariratvam ) of the Jiva is entirely due to false conviction ( mithyapratiyayanimittantvat ), the truly enlightened person is bodyless even when living in this life and in this body.
  8. The standard open-casket, two-day visitation, earth-burial of a generation ago is giving way to new customs : shorter services, bodyless commemorations, more personalized ceremonies, a fast-growing number of cremations.
  9. The gateway to these glittering fields is guarded by a winged dragon who feeds on the imperishable flora that characterized the place, and the bodyless cock crows lustily as a kind of eerie " genius loci " identifying the spot as Hel's wall ."
  10. Roswell, New Mexico 1947, " a cryptically titled work by Adrian Tranquilli consisting of a white plaster sculpture of the supposed Roswell alien, and a piece by Marina Paris in which three bodyless elementary school uniforms seemed to grow like bright black and blue flowers from the ground.

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