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जोर से बोलना
बेसमझे बूझे कहना
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  1. To another crowd he blurts urgently, " Trust me.
  2. She can barely speak except to blurt out an occasional word.
  3. A great play, a great catch, it blurts out.
  4. "Probably, " he blurts out, laughing.
  5. No, no, Enzo, blurts his vaguely frazzled trainer.
  6. "It happens every day ! " she blurts.
  7. McNealy ( blurts ) : No . I'm not.
  8. Crazy women spin fantastical tales or blurt out cryptic non sequiturs.
  9. Blurts of insecurity, though firmly held, are ultimately fleeting.
  10. Colm blurts, before changing his story to protect their necks.
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