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• पुष्पाग्र-विगल
blossom:    कली कोंपल पुष्प
end:    फल अंतिम भाग अन्त
rot:    दुर्गन्ध सड़ांध
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  1. Q : Will these moist conditions aggravate blossom end rot?
  2. Some have had blossom end rot, too.
  3. A calcium deficiency causes weak cell walls, which can collapse, causing blossom end rot.
  4. Blossom end rot is a physiological disorder caused by a calcium deficiency aggravated by water stress.
  5. Blossom end rot is a physiological disorder caused by a calcium deficiency and aggravated by water stress.
  6. A : A dark, leathery, sunken spot on the blossom end of a tomato is a sign of blossom end rot.
  7. To prevent, or at least minimize, blossom end rot, make sure that the soil pH is close to 7, the neutral point.
  8. Although I'm only a semi-columnist with a day job mostly concerned with chopping firewood and keeping blossom end rot out of tomatoes, I'm tempted to join the crowd.
  9. Ground cover plants, including mints, stabilize moisture loss around tomato plants and other solaneae, which come from very humid climates, and therefore may prevent moisture-related problems like blossom end rot.
  10. Pardon me for venturing a bit deeper than my usual frustrations with low-fat cooking, blossom end rot, fire ants, Japanese beetles and being unable to reach a live human being on the telephone.
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