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सुदृढ़ गृह
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  1. The blockhouse system required an enormous number of troops to garrison.
  2. A blockhouse was partially constructed at 514 S . 3rd Street.
  3. By 1800, another blockhouse and a guard house were built.
  4. No blastproof pad, blockhouse, or associated equipment are needed.
  5. Later, the Germans built a blockhouse inside the Tudor ruins.
  6. At each corner was a blockhouse equipped with small bore cannon.
  7. From 1695 1697 San Luis's new blockhouse was built.
  8. The blockhouse has been subject to some modifications over the years.
  9. There were two Mi'kmaq raids on Blockhouse in 1758.
  10. Its gorge had a large rectangular blockhouse protected by a redan.
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  1. a stronghold that is reinforced for protection from enemy fire; with apertures for defensive fire

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