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  1. Mr . Sieber's hunky, blockheaded prince brings to mind Dan Quayle at the podium.
  2. And the one blockheaded jock and his sidekick are as lame at being bullies as they are at being players.
  3. Floyd Smoot is a happy-go-lucky and somewhat blockheaded character, similar to Coach and Woody Boyd on Cheers.
  4. Bruce McGill makes for an imperiously blockheaded judge, and Bruce Davison brings subtle professional resentment as the plaintiff's attorney whose strings Rankin pulls.
  5. You were so appealing in " One Fine Day " a little character-driven romance is a much better vehicle for you than this blockheaded contraption.
  6. In the real world, it seems more likely the jury made that call because they were boxed into a corner by the defense team's blockheaded gambit.
  7. And although it's brief, McCarthy's shrill, simpering and histrionic rendition of the homosexual Jimmy is offensive, blockheaded and most of all, boring.
  8. I am totally opposed to the doctrine of " anyone can edit " because it allows free rein to people like Daft but what is the point of arguing against blockheaded stupidity?
  9. The visuals have been called breakthrough; let's hope that the script is less blockheaded than last year's Spielberg kids'comedy, " The Flintstones ."
  10. The delight here is Cumming, who in one song ( " Easy Street " ), plays Rooster as a wicked, wily, oily, blockheaded and endearing scamp.
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