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  1. Isobutane is used as part of blended fuels, especially common in fuel canisters used for camping.
  2. Since then there have been no reports of adverse effects to vehicles running on ethanol blended fuels.
  3. She urged the government to encourage the use of E20 and E85 ethanol blended fuel among Thai motorists.
  4. Vilsack proposed reimbursing drivers for the 19-cents-a-gallon tax on 53 gallons of ethanol-blended fuel, also known as gasohol.
  5. They have countered with a plan to suspend the tax on ethanol-blended fuels, about 40 percent of the market.
  6. The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation was the first State Transport Undertaking in India to utilise bio-fuels and ethanol-blended fuels.
  7. "Ultra-low sulfur kerosene " is a custom-blended fuel used by the New York City Transit Authority to power its bus fleet.
  8. And while the coal-blended fuel improves upon sulfur emissions from conventional jet fuel, they'll need to significantly reduce its soot emissions.
  9. The intriguing element of the coal-blended fuel is its ability to remain fluid in temperatures reaching 900 degrees F ( 482 C ).
  10. Petroleum suppliers told lawmakers that ethanol-blended fuels could be supplied to Nebraska for about the same price or cheaper than regular unleaded gasoline.

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