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  1. It can also be used blasphemously to justify great evil.
  2. Alas, the Spoon version has something called basil condiment sprinkled blasphemously over the bacon.
  3. According to Trithemius, in Selnhausen and W�rzburg, Sabellicus boasted blasphemously of his powers, even claiming that he could easily reproduce all the miracles of Christ.
  4. They were accused, moreover, of having scoffed at the doctrine of transubstantiation, and of having spoken blasphemously of the Roman Catholic Church as the harlot of the Apocalypse.
  5. Kizik's puffin is reading the first page of James Joyce's " Ulysses, " where stately, plump Buck Mulligan emerges from the bath, about to shave blasphemously.
  6. These practices were all condemned as innovations, improperly importing the symbols of his secular Roman magistracy into church ritual; while presumptuously and blasphemously asserting that the person of the bishop in eucharistic worship is seated in the place of Christ himself.
  7. The liberties taken with Dickinson's work-in-progress are clearly Farr's exercise in creative imitation; she confesses that she has " blasphemously but lovingly " improvised on the girl's early ideas for poems, and that good intention is manifest throughout this fiction.
  8. According to the Quran, Jews blasphemously claim that Ezra is the son of God, as Christians claim Jesus is, ( Surah 9 : 30 ) and that God's hand is fettered ( Surah 5 : 64  i . e ., that they can freely defy God ).
  9. The ancient Canons of the Apostles, which became part of Canon Law in the eastern and western churches, likewise allows church leaders and laity to abstain from wine for mortification of the flesh but requires that they not " abominate " or detest it, which attitude " blasphemously abuses " the good creation.
  10. When Galileo published his masterpiece, " Dialogue, " arguing that Copernicus was correct when he blasphemously suggested that the Earth revolved around the sun and not vice versa, he was egregiously mistaken in assuming that his friendship with Pope Urban VIII would protect him from the Catholic Church's velvet hammer.
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  1. in a blasphemous manner; "the sailors were cursing blasphemously"
  2. in a blasphemous manner; "the sailors were cursing blasphemously"

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