bill broker meaning in Hindi

bill broker sentence in Hindi

बिल दलाल
bill:    प्राप्यक फरसा तंग
broker:    आढ़तिया दलाल
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  1. The vote in both committees on the moratorium bills broke down along party lines.
  2. Bill broke his shoulder when his horse threw him but continued on the trip.
  3. Unable to find a replacement, the Bills broke up.
  4. That was when Flutie first shined as the Bills broke open a lethargic game and giving Buffalo ( 1-1 ) all the points it would need.
  5. Talks between Russian officials and foreign banks that hold many of the treasury bills broke down in London on Thursday, but Germany's Deutsche Bank AG said they will resume next week.
  6. On a day when Dan Marino, the NFL's leading career passer, voided the final two years of his contract, the Buffalo Bills broke their last ties with their American Football Conference championship teams of the 1990s.
  7. But just before the Bills broke the huddle, Kelly told Early if the Patriots showed the same blitz with Willie Clay coming up hard he was to adjust his route to a quick slant and look for the ball.
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